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For those of you who have occasionally browsed a shopping website during a slow day at work or in college (not this blogger, of course) you may have noticed ads related to your search pop up throughout the rest of your time spent online. Whether it be the new running shoes you checked out or the flowers you thought about sending your mam, all of a sudden the ads on your screen seem a little more personal. No, your computer has not read your mind. You are simply the target of display remarketing.

Remarketing is a tool that lets you target people who have previously visited your site and show them relevant ads across the web or when they use Google, Facebook, YouTube etc. It gives you the opportunity to tailor an ad or message to someone who visited your site but may not of bought anything and try entice them to do so.

In my experience this can be quite annoying, which may be interpreted as cyber stalking. For example, a few weeks back I was online searching for my mothers birthday present. I browsed certain clothes websites where I looked at dresses. I eventually decided not to buy her a dress as I don’t know what size she is, what color she likes or what style she would like (Best son ever, I know right 😛 ). However for the next couple of weeks everywhere I went online, I was bombarded by ads for dresses. At first I thought my computer must think i’m a cross-dresser but no, I was just a victim of remarketing.  And by seeing my Twin in a dress, I don’t think i’d look much better in one 😛


Graham Long- Screenshot 2013


Also in relation to my last post, this is an example of why you should be careful who you Snapchat, sorry bro 😛

That’s not to say that remarketing is a bad tool, it can be very profitable if used correctly. with the use of adwords to reach a wider audience, remarketing would need to be used less and this would reduce people being cynical of companies.The ads used are targeted at people who are already somewhat interested in what you have to offer. They came looking to your site so now it is up to you to entice them to buy your products, while also keeping top of mind awareness. If they leave an abandoned shopping cart this is when you use remarketing to try and get them to follow through with the purchase.

Source: Facebook

Source: Facebook Graham long- 2014

As customers are becoming very technology literate and are able to download tools to block ads and know ways of avoiding them altogether. This is why it is important not to annoy them or stalk them if you will as before you know remarketing will become a thing of the past.

In saying that, I still think remarketing is a useful marketing tool.

Thats all for now people, G’luuuccckk 🙂



So for those of you who may be living under a rock Snapchat has quickly become one of the most popular apps amongst people over the last year. A brief history of how Snapchat began. Snapchat was started by Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy and two other developers from Stanford. The idea initially started as a project for class, but classmates were apprehensive about the concept of self-destructing photographs. However Spiegel went ahead and developed the app with his friends and Snapchat successfully launched in September 2011.


The basic app consists of:

  • You send a picture to someone on your friends list
  • You pick how long they can view it for, between 1-10 seconds
  • You can draw on the Snapchat pic
  • Write a message on it
  • The picture self-destructs after the time has elapsed

However people can screenshot but its seen as being against the rules in a sense.

Some facts about Snapchat

  • Over 30 million active users
  • Over 400 million Snapchats sent a day
  • Main age group 14-25 year olds
  • 70% being women
  • Its Free to download

To prove just how huge this app has become around the world, Spiegel the 23 year old CEO turned down a $3 Billion cash offer from Facebook to buy Snapchat. An app that makes no money. Whether this is a good decision remains to be seen as Mark Zuckerberg also faced this dilemma when he was 22, to sell Facebook to Yahoo for 1 Billion. He choose not to and now Facebook is worth 120 Billion.


So in my opinion and with some research to back it up, I don’t think Snapchat is a fad. I frequently use it as a means of texting friends. Sometimes it can get a bit boring  just texting, so this adds a whole new meaning to a picture paints a thousand words. As I write this blog my phone is out of action so I can’t use Snapchat for a few days and to be honest I’m getting withdrawals 😛 I can’t wait to see all the snaps when I get my phone back. Also don’t drink and Snapchat, it can lead to some embarrassing screenshots as i learned.


Graham Long- 2014

That’s all for now people, G’lucccck 😀