Tips for Setting up a Facebook Page

Posted: March 2, 2014 in Blogging, Digital marketing, Facebook, Socoal Media, Tips
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With over 650 million active users, that is 1 in every 13 people on earth are on Facebook.  This means there is a huge opportunity for businesses to reach there Target Market while also promoting there name to a vast and diversified audience. This leaves the door open to endless opportunities for businesses to gain new customers, business contacts and help further grow the business.  Therefore it is vital to a have a user friendly page, but also to keep your followers interested. Here are 5 tips when setting up a Facebook page.

1. Customize your page URL

  • There is nothing more annoying when searching for a page and not being able to find it. The URL should be short and sweet and rank high on search lists.

2. Make sure your page layout fits

  • Pictures must be cropped to fit the profile and cover photo slots perfectly. It gives a bad impression if half the photo is cut off or cant be seen properly. The picture must be also eye catching so that people may feel tempted to visit the page. this can be done using humor, strong visuals or even something simple as an attractive person showcasing the product/service.
  • Personal information- Must make sure its properly completed, gives all necessary information and spelled correctly.
  • Have photos in easy to find albums.

3. Try make your page cool, be creative.

  • Have games, competitions
  • Interact with your followers

4. Make sure the page is a like page and not a friend request page.

5. Use Humor.

  • Try to use humor but link the business to make people feel more reassured about your product or service.
  • Must be careful not to over utilize this has it could have a negative affect.

Ever since Facebook has started, and the introduction of smart phones people are becoming more and more reliant on social media. The first thing most people do nowadays when they wake up is check there Facebook page. The days of people going out getting newspapers to read the daily news is declining, most people get the news from there Facebook page today. This leaves a huge opportunity for businesses to try and influence peoples decisions on what products to purchase etc. It is also important a business doesn’t post to many status’ as people may see it as clogging up their news feed and view your business as an annoyance. With relevant, interesting posts every now and then businesses can really benefit from this. So knowing these small tips there is no reason why every business can’t benefit from the use of a Facebook page.

That’s all for now people, G’Luccck 🙂



Graham Long- 2014


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